10 Ways Your Dog Knows You Love Her

Save your money when it comes to buying your dog outfits, couture doggy totes, and bejeweled collars. Diamonds aren’t a dog’s best friend – you are! Show your dog how much you love them with these 10 simple signals!

Go For That Walk – We know … you had a 12-hour day at work, and all you want to do is sit in front of the TV. It’s below 0 and snowing outside, or maybe the sun is beating down, there’s 80% humidity, and you swear it’s about 500 degrees. The circumstances aren’t always perfect, but even a few minutes walking outside with Lady will leave her overjoyed. She’ll be thrilled that you’re willing to walk with her instead of always staying inside while she goes out. When the weather is extreme, however, keep the walks short. Harsh conditions aren’t safe for either of you!

Belly Rubs –Or a head massage. Or long, relaxed back strokes. However Bailey likes to be petted best, give her plenty of it! There’s no denying the smile on her face when she’s getting her favorite pets, rubs, and scratches. If you’ve had a long day or you’re sick and unable to give her much walking or play time, this is a great way to show you care without even getting up.

Visit Doggy Friends – Some dogs prefer their space, but many love to visit with their best furry friends! Daisy is a social animal, so make sure she has time to interact with dogs you know she gets along with! The play date will be a blast for her on top of the exercise she’s sure to get by running around with her friends.

Surprises – You can make Bella’s day by bringing home her favorite food, yummy new treats, or toys that you know she’ll love. Are new toys not quite in the budget? Put away some of the toys she already has for a couple weeks. By the time you surprise her with them, she’ll be jumping for joy!

Play Every Day – When Dodger carries his favorite toy over to you and presents you with a play bow, don’t just absentmindedly pat his head while you continue watching TV! Get up and play some fetch or tug of war! The playtime helps the two of you bond, and enough running could provide him with some extra exercise and leave him more relaxed for the rest of the day.

Volunteer – When you volunteer with your dog, you’re doing two great things at once – you’re giving up your time to help others, and you’re giving Penny extra time with you as well as new experiences! Nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other facilities usually allow dogs to visit to raise spirits and help with different forms of care and treatment. Sharing the love Penny has to give can really do a lot of good in the world, and the time you spend giving back is rewarding for both of you! Just be sure to ask the facility of your choice first to see that your dog is welcomed.

Groom Him – Not all dogs love water, but brushing feels wonderful and is a great way to relax! If you prefer to wash Max at home over taking him to the groomer, make sure you’re using shampoo that is formulated for dogs – human shampoo can dry out his skin – and dry him with a blow dryer on the lowest setting to protect his skin!

Give Him Ice Cubes – Ice cubes are a treat, a toothbrush, a toy, and a safety tool all in one! As Shadow enjoys the crunch, the ice cube does double duty by cleaning his teeth! As long as you supply them, he will love chasing the ice cubes around the floor. During summer months, provide him with ice outside instead of water. It will ensure that he doesn’t drink so much that he makes himself sick and winds up dehydrated.

Keep Him at a Healthy Weight – Treats, wet food, and (shh!) a few dog-safe scraps from the dinner table like raw carrots or fresh green beans are sure to put a smile on Buddy’s face, but being overweight or obese is just as unhealthy for dogs as it is for humans! His bones, joints, digestive organs, skin, and lifespan can all be negatively impacted by even moderate obesity. Don’t be afraid to give him the good stuff once in a blue moon, but make sure he isn’t indulging too much, especially if he doesn’t get much exercise!

Take Her on Adventures – Whether it’s to Grandma’s house, a new dog park, or across the country, new places mean new smells and experiences – something your dog could never get enough of! The next time you’re leaving the house, ask yourself if Fido could come along! Off to lunch with a friend? Call the restaurant to see if they allow dogs on the patio! Fido will love the extra time with you as well as the new people, places, and animals he’ll get to see!

Whether you do all of these activities every day or implement just a few at a time, your dog will know you love him when you provide him with these affectionate signals. If you’re looking for one more extra-special way to show that you care, give your dog a puppy-vacation at BauserHaus, where he’ll be free to roam and play with other dogs like them all day long! To get them started on his new BauserHaus adventure, go to www.bauserhaus.com or call (314) 961-3911!

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