Welcome Home! 5 Tips for Introducing Your New Best Friend to Your House

So a new furry friend is coming home with you soon? Congratulations! Dogs are fantastic additions to the family and provide love, companionship, and hours of playtime. It’s important to remember that, just like children, lots of preparation needs to go into getting you, your family, and your new dog ready to be introduced to a new home.

Don’t fret! Just use these 5 tips to make the transition a breeze!

Give Him a Space All His Own – Designate an area of the house as the ‘doggy den’ and complete it with a dog bed, toys, a blanket, and anything else your dog might enjoy. He’ll love that he has an area that’s all his own for playing, sleeping, relaxing, and eating, and you’ll love that you can have a happy, comfortable dog without kibble, toys, and dog hair taking up the entire house. Some people give the dog a corner of the office or living room, while others have transformed an entire room into a master doggy den. The size doesn’t matter too much as long as the dog has his own place to relax.

Be Ready for Housebreaking – Accidents with a new dog aren’t fun, but they certainly are inevitable at first. You might not be able to stop the accidents completely, but you can have some control over how easy they are to clean up! Giving your dog all-natural food with no artificial ingredients or fillers is the best way to avoid discoloring and stains on the carpet, and it’s better for your pup’s tummy. When there is an accident, make sure you have a cleaner in the house that contains enzymes. Those will break down the smell the best.

Get On the Same Page – Everyone in the household needs to be on the same page when it comes to the new addition. If the dog isn’t allowed on the couches, everyone in the family needs to enforce this rule. Feeding times should be clearly communicated and assigned so the dog doesn’t go without a meal because everyone thought someone else fed him. It might help to write down a list of who is responsible for feeding the dog, cleaning up the yard, taking the dog for walks, and other tasks. Keep it on the fridge to make sure everyone’s in the loop.

Prep the Yard – A nice big yard to run around in is key to your dog’s health and happiness. Make sure your yard is ready for your new furry friend before she arrives! Clear your yard of any decorations that might injure the dog and do some research on any plants in the garden to make sure they aren’t toxic. Check that there aren’t any hidden holes that the dog may trip in, and assure that the fence is sturdy all the way around and is tall enough that the dog won’t jump right over it.

Take Introductions Slow – If you have other pets in the house, and especially if you have a single dog who is used to being king (or queen) of the castle, introductions can be a little tricky. The first dog might consider the house and family as ‘his’ or ‘hers’ and might not be too keen on sharing at first. The best way to introduce the pets is by taking things slowly in a neutral area. Let them see each other from a distance on leashes first. Get them comfortable playing outside together. When you move them inside, separate them with a gate, so they can sniff and assess each other, and finally try taking the gate down for some freer playtime when you think both dogs are calm, comfortable, and ready. Remember to keep a close eye on the dogs when they first meet to make sure neither gets too excited!

By adding these tricks to your arsenal, we hope that introducing your new best friend to your home will be relaxed, simple, and successful. When you’re ready to give Fido a treat outside the house, bring him by BauserHaus for a day of love and play! Get started now by visiting www.bauserhaus.com.

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