8 Spring Activities Your Dog Is Begging to Do!

Kiss those dreary days of winter good-bye for now! Spring is here and so are longer days filled with blooming flowers, greener scenery, and plenty of beautiful weather. You’re probably biting at the bit to get out and enjoy the great weather. Guess what? So is your dog!

Not sure how to enjoy these lovely spring days? Here are 8 different things you can do with your dog this season!

Have a Dog Park Play Date – Live near a dog park? Buckle up Fido and take him there! He will love romping around with all his doggy pals, exploring new smells, and enjoying the newly grown grass. It also gives you a chance to do a bit of socializing of your own with other pet parents!

Play Fetch – Now that the snow has gone, it’s the perfect time to grab that tennis ball and brush up on your fetch skills. Play fetch with your buddy until they plop down with happy exhaustion.

Hit Up the Beach – There’s something about sand and water coming together that make our dogs (and us humans) happy. If you have a beach near you, take your furry friend for a fun jaunt at the beach!

Take a Hike – Dogs feel alive when they’re connected with nature, so take them for a fun hike in a familiar or park or somewhere completely new! Your dog will love sniffing all the wild smells and enjoying the sounds of wildlife. Plus, it gets you both plenty of exercise!

Go For a Run – Do you love to run as much as your dog does? Then there’s no better time to dig out your running shoes and go for a run with your workout pal! Just remember to keep your dog on a leash to protect her from cars when you’re running. Want to give your running more purpose? Sign up for a dog-friendly 5k!

Do an Agility Course – For something a bit out of the box, why not try a fun agility course? It puts your pup’s body and mind to good work, which is something that your pet craves!

Camp Under the Stars – Now is the perfect time to get out there and go camping with your furry friend! Look up pet-friendly campsites, bring along plenty of treats and supplies, and, of course, a tent for the two of you. Your dog will love returning to its “wild” roots!

Play Sports Together – Most dogs love playing sports, whether it’s tennis, basketball, Frisbee, Tug-of-War, or anything in between. Mix up what you do to keep your dog happy, entertained, and engaged. She’ll love you for it!

Of course, you should tailor these adventures to your dog’s specific needs. Also, be on the lookout next month for some fun springtime activities that you can do with your dog here in St. Louis!

If you find that you can’t take your dog out for a fun adventure just yet, don’t leave him all alone. Instead, bring your buddy to BauserHaus for some pampering and lots of fun with other dogs like him! Find us online at www.bauserhaus.com to see what we’re all about!

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