How You Can Find the Perfect Dog for You!

Adding a dog to your family is a big choice to make. You’re not just choosing an animal that you will spend several years with – you’re also choosing your new best friend and companion. That’s why it’s so important to make a smart decision on which kind of dog breed is right for you. After all, the American Kennel Club recognizes over 160 dog breeds, and each of these breeds has its own unique appearance, activity level, temperament, and set of needs.

When it comes to choosing your next BFF4L (best fur friend for life), you need to seriously consider the following:

Temperament – What sort of personality do you want in your future dog? Do you want a dog that is wants to play all day or would rather loaf on the couch with you? Do you want a dog that is friendly to everyone he meets or a dog that is loyal and protective of your family? These and several other characteristics are just what you analyzing. Remember, you’re going to be living with this dog for a long time, so you need to make sure that he has a personality you can easily live with.

Puppy or Adult – We know, who doesn’t want a puppy? Aside from being able to play and cuddle with a cute little ball of fur, you might want to get a puppy if you want to raise your new best friend by yourself from the beginning. The only problem is that training a puppy requires a lot of time and definitely a lot of patience, and you won’t be able to leave her alone for more than a few hours. An adult dog, however, is typically calmer than a puppy and might even be house-trained already and have fewer needs. You just might need to provide a bit of basic obedience to an adult dog.

Size – If you’re interested in puppies, you know that all of them are adorable, but they all grow up. Some of them will grow up to be quite big. If you want to adopt a puppy, find out how large in both height and weight that little ball of fur will get to be when it’s an adult. Will you have enough space in your yard or even your living room to meet his needs? You will want to give enough space for your dog to run around and sprawl out in the future.

Grooming Needs – All dogs need to be groomed regularly to stay healthy and clean. Most dogs will shed in various amounts. Some will shed profusely all year long while some will just shed in clumps for a few weeks. Other dogs may shed just a little bit. Find out how much dog hair you’re honestly willing to put up with and choose accordingly. Also, decide how much time (and money) you want to dedicate to grooming your dog. Huskies and golden retrievers are pretty to look out, but they need quite a bit of brushing. Short-haired dogs like beagles, however, will need maybe weekly grooming.

Health Disposition – When you’re choosing a dog, you will want to keep in mind that many breeds are susceptible to hereditary diseases or conditions like eye or hip problems. Take note of which issues the breeds you’re interested in tend to experience and go from there.

To get started on your research, click here! (link: Additionally, it would be a smart idea to sign up as a volunteer or as a foster mom or dad at your local shelter or rescue group before you get a dog. You will get a feel for all the different breeds out there without having the lifetime commitment, and it also provides a great service to your community!

Worried about leaving your future furry friend alone? We can help with that! Call (314) 961-3911 or visit us online at to learn more!

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