6 Super Easy Tips to Making Your Dog Pictures Even More Epic!

If you have a pet, you probably know that it can be really tough to get a good picture of them. Photos can become fuzzy with quick movements, and there’s the dreaded green-eye effect as well – that’s on par with the “red-eye” effect that happens to us humans! We can control our animals to a certain extent, but they have minds of their own, too. What’s a pet owner to do?

Luckily, there are a few sneaky tricks to help you get even better photos of your dog. Here are 6 of our favorites!

Use Tantalizing Tricks – Want to get your dog’s attention? Use some good old-fashioned bribery with their favorite treats! Once he knows you’ve got treats to give out, keep them in your hand and near your camera while you start to take some pictures.

Keep It Simple – Simple backgrounds are great for taking amazing dog pictures! Use a blank wall devoid of stuff so that all the attention is focused right on your pup! A colorful blanket and maybe your dog’s favorite toy are a great way to brighten up any photo and will make your subject pop out even more!

Make Her Smile – Want a picture of your dog looking super happy? Here’s an easy tip – take her for a quick spring around the backyard or a jaunt around town! A walk is a great way to get your dog in a good mood. Bring her back to the spot you want to photograph – she should be panting up a storm and looking at you with that happy dog smile you know and love.

Try Some Candid Photos – Watch what your dog is doing when you’re not looking. Are they perusing for crumbs? Maybe they’re stalking that big fat robin that always hops around your backyard. Try to take some sneaky shots of your furry buddy in action for some great candid shots!

Get On His Level – Your photos of your favorite furry friend from above are all great, but try changing your perspective by getting down to your buddy’s eye level. He’ll more than likely be less distracted by you hovering over him from above. Sit at his level long enough, and he’ll start to get more comfortable with your camera around!

Ready Your Camera for Special Occasions – Bath time, doggy birthday parties, fun activities – the list can go on and on! Make sure that you have your camera ready for all those special moments that you share with your dog.

What are some of your favorite photos of your pup? Share them with us on our Facebook page! If you have any strategies that you’ve learned throughout the years, be sure to share them with us as well!

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