What’s in a Name? How 5 Dog Breeds Got Their Monikers

Every proud dog parent is happy to name his or her dog something unique and meaningful. But how did your dog’s breed get its name? We’re going to take a trip back in time and find out just how these 5 dog breeds got their famous bynames!

Golden Retriever – Known for its glamorous golden coat, the Golden Retriever came about in the mid-1800s. In 1858 to be exact, Lord Tweedmouth, a Scotsman, traveled to the English town of Brighton. Upon his visit, he attended a circus and came across the wavy-coat Retriever. By crossing the wavy-coat Retriever and a yellow-colored Tweed Water Spaniel, he created the Golden Retriever, named after its eye-catching color and their ability to retrieve prey and return them to hunters without damage.

German Shepherd – The German Shepherd is a well-respected dog and is admired for its loyalty and intelligence. But where did the name come from? Well, it all started with a dog show in Western Germany in 1889. Captain Max von Stephanitz was taken aback when he saw this medium-sized wolf-like dog. The dog was a working sheepherder and perfect in the captain’s eyes. Just like that, Captain Stephanitz bought the dog and renamed him the German Shepherd.

Bulldog – The Bulldog is known for being strong with extremely powerful jaws. In the 1600s, there was a popular sport in England called “bull-baiting.” The sport was setting dogs in front of a tethered bull and using the dogs to harass and attack the bull, thus coining the term “bulldog.” This cruel game kept going until the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed in 1835. With their lovable nature and couch-potato tendencies, bulldogs sure have come a long way and make a wonderful family pet!

Rottweiler – Let’s take a trip to the city of Rottweil, Germany, an area named after the red tiles left by the Roman villas long before them. As Rottweil was developing, the farmers, cattlemen, and traders found a great use for the “butcher’s dogs.” These dogs were perfect for bringing in stock safely. To show their appreciation for butcher dogs, they decided to name them after the city, calling them Rottweiler.

Dachshund – These comical “wiener dogs” are known for being loyal, curious, and brave! But what does dachshund mean exactly? Well, in German it means, “badger dog.” When hunting badgers was a popular sport, Dachshunds were used to ferret them out of holes with their small, long, and low-to-the-ground bodies.

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