3 DIY Tests To Tell If Your Dog Is Overweight (And What You Can Do About It)

Many of us show our love and affection for our furry canine family members by giving them an abundance of hugs, kisses, car rides and, of course, treats. Feeding your pup too many snacks or calorie-rich foods, however, can cause them to gain those unwanted pounds quickly, increasing their risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or even loss of energy. Monitoring your pup’s diet and exercise is crucial to making sure that he or she maintains a healthy weight to prevent health-related issues.

Don’t worry! You can perform these 3 simple tests on your pup at home to help determine if he/she is overweight:

The “Overhead Check” – Stand above your dog and look for a waistline behind his or her rib cage. Your pup should have a curved indentation in the waist area. A straight-lined or bowed-out waistline is a good indication your pup is overweight.

The “Profile Check” – For a profile view of your pup, stand to the side of him or her. Ideally, your dog should have a “tuck-up” leading into the waistline from the rib cage. A straight line or saggy belly from the rib cage to the non-distinct waistline is a sign it’s time to change your pup’s diet and exercise routine!

The “Touch Test” – Gracefully run your hands around your dog’s flanks and abdomen. You should be able to easily feel his or her ribs without much pressure; however, they shouldn’t be openly visible due to a thin covering layer of fat. You want to feel a “dip” or “tuck-up” where your pup’s ribs end and hips begin. If your dog is overweight, the ribs will be difficult to feel due to a distinct layer of fat covering the area.

To keep your furry friend at an ideal weight, be sure that he or she has a balanced diet and exercise routine. If you notice that your pup is overweight, consider increasing the amount of exercise and reducing his or her caloric intake by engaging in playtime or walks and cutting out treats high in calories. You can also add green beans to their diet to help them keep the weight off.

It’s important to be patient when helping your pup lose weight! Safe and healthy weight loss should be gradual and could take weeks or months to see apparent changes, so don’t give up!

If you need help finding time to get your pup engaged in physical activity, bring him or her on over to BauserHaus! Your 4-legged buddy is bound to have a good time with some awesome canine friends, and we promise not to cheat when it comes to their diet! To learn more about us find us online at www.bauserhaus.com!

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