Got a New Dog? Here’s How to Teach Your Pooch Her Name!

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy or dog, you’ve probably been thinking of the perfect name to give her. Giving your dog a name is a great thing for new dog owners to do because it not only establishes a bond, but it also presents an excellent opportunity for you to train your dog to come when she’s called.

You might be wondering now how on earth you can teach a creature that can’t speak your language her name. It’s not as hard as you might think! Using positive reinforcement dog training to teach your pup basic skills (including name recognition) is a fantastic and effective way to do this. The idea behind this is to teach your dog that her name means that something exciting is about to happen, so make sure to make each training session fun and enriching for the both of you.

Here’s how you can teach your dog her name!

Get Her Attention – First, you will need to get your dog’s attention when you say her name. Make sure that there are as few distractions as possible when you try to teach her her name for the first time and have a bag of little treats on hand to use as a reward. Say your pup’s name just once in a warm and happy tone – that tone should help grab her attention. If she turns to you, praise her with lots of pats, love, and a small treat. Lose their attention, wait a few seconds, and repeat.

Repeat Often – After a few sessions, your dog will probably begin associating the sound of her name with something good – a tasty treat and lots of affection. Keep practicing when your dog is totally not focused on you. Whenever your dog gives you her attention when you say her name, keep giving her lots of praise and a small treat.

Change Scenarios – Now that your dog is familiar with her name and what it signifies and you’ve had some practice, change it up a bit. Try the same practice but in different locations and with minimal distractions to set your puppy up to win. Practice in different rooms of your home and your backyard. Remember to keep practicing and rewarding your puppy for responding!

Extra Tips to Keep In Mind – When you’re training your pup, remember to not use her name too casually, otherwise she might ignore you more. Also, never say your dog’s name to correct or punish her. Her name is supposed to be a positive indicator of love and affection. Of course, your pup will need her very own ID tag with her name, your name, your address, and your phone number on it, just in case she gets lost.

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